My name is Camilo Belmonte. I was born in Mataró, a coastal city near Barcelona. I’m graduated in Graphic Design and specialized in 3D Design & Motion Graphics areas where I work as freelance.

My main inspiration is industrial design specially first half 20th century. I pay attention in details as well as geometry to produce harmonious pieces.

Always I want to be an illustrator but I never had to enough patience that this art demands and never learnt. But with 3D software I’d found an alternative to this lack. Because it gives me the opportunity to create from zero all kind of characters, objects or scenes without knowing how to draw it (curiously thanks to 3D modelling I’m improving my drawing skills).

When I’m not designing you can find me reading in any place, drinking a big cup of coffee or listening good heavy metal. But maybe I’m doing all three at once.

Let’s work together

For any request or commission – or just say hello – no doubt to contact me. I’ll be pleased to hearing from you.